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87% of Ukrainian citizens crave for reforms


According to the survey of the sociological group "Rating", that was conducted on account of 100 days of the new governments' work, 87% of the citizens crave for reforms of the social-economical system of the country. >>


Cuba – children’s paradise in Latin America.


Last time Cuba achieved high results in protecting motherhood and childhood, and its success in this sphere makes Cuba a country with high quality life for children. >>


I’ll wear a blue bucket on my head…


Once more a protest was held in Moscow. This time it was organized by informal civil union “Blue buckets”.  >>


Russia for Russians, and what about Moscow?


Moscow deputies started to create a set of rules for the arrivals. It will be published by the end of the year. >>


Exhibition of national disgrace


An exhibition, called "Our people in Italy", dedicated to the life of Ukrainian migrants in Italy opens on 24 of June in Lviv. It will contain photos, poems, examples of needlework etc. It's initiated by Italian community of former migrants "Pieta". It will take place in the informational center of Ukraine-Italy migration. According to portal.lviv.ua, Ukraine occupies the fourth place in the world by the number of international migrants. >>


Ukraine - NATO: from words to business


The previous president Yushchenko liked to speak about NATO. Ukrainian's joining to NATO was his most cherished dream. Despite the opinion of the vast majority of Ukrainians, that was indicated by numerous surveys, he had persistently repeated that Ukraine seeks to enter NATO, that it has made its "Euro-Atlantic choice". Nevertheless, the irony of the history is that never was Ukraine so far from the NATO as under Yushchenko.  >>


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