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Ukraine has 35 billion ton of waste products


The Ministry of Environment Protection informs, that Ukraine is "sinking" in waste products. There are 35 billion ton of waste on the territory of Ukraine, about 2,6 billion of it are highly toxic. Besides, the amount of domestic refuse is growing from year to year by 50 million of cuic metres, the amount of industrial waste - by 175 million of cubic metres. If no immediate measures are taken, very soon this situation will become critical. >>


About 150-200 religious properties will be given to religious organizations in Russia till the end of 2010


In 2010 about 150-200 religious properties, which earlier belonged to the state, will be passed to different religious organizations, the vice-minister of economic development Igor Manylov informs. >>


Declaration For freedom of the Five Cuban fighters against international terrorism

2010-09-11  Ukrainian National "Free the Five" Committee

Dear Mr. President,

Many people had bright expectancies on your accession to the presidency of the most powerful empire in the history of mankind. These expectancies were founded on your abundant pre-election good wishes. But the half of your presidency is running to the end, and you still did not manage to achieve any visible success in the accomplishment of your promises. >>


The retirement age will be raised in Ukraine


If nothing changes in the national economy of Ukraine, in 15 year the ratio between labouring people and retirees would make up 1:2. >>


Fighter with terrorism in a punishment cell

2010-09-02  D.M. Dudko, candidate of historical sciences, communist from Kharkov, Ukraine

Far behind the ocean there is the Legal State - the same which in the Community of independent states (former USSR countries) have not being build for 19 years in any way. In such a way we are assured already for two decades by domestic «democrats». More correct to say, servants of «democracy» of the USA. We will look, however, how human rights are observed in this «blessed» country. >>


There are ideas to back the soviet childlessness tax in Ukraine


Due to the US-organization "Population Reference Bureau", the population of Ukraine will grow shorter by 10 million within next 40 years. Within last 18 years the population of Ukraine reduced by 7 million. >>


40% of Russians have no plans for the future


According to latest researches, nearly 40% of Russians don’t make no plans for the future and don’t try to make prognosis of how their life will be. >>


Each sixth teacher in Ukraine is a pensioner


There are more and more teachers of advanced age in Ukraine. Thus, in the beginning of 2010 pensioners will make more than 16% of all Ukrainian teachers. >>


The church: redivided sphere of influence on the government level


But the president Viktor Yanukovych with the Prime Minister Mykola Azarov and with the parliamentary speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn prayed only with Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Patriarchate of Moscow. This fact provoked rage by the people from Kiev Patriarchate: of course, such a good chance to brainwash a lot of irreligious people is rare. >>


The Summer of the Patriarch


Summer is usually time of some political calmness. This summer in Ukraine turned out to be a little unusual. As an addition to the extraordinary heat we have a visit of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Cyril. As well as the degrees of the thermometer, the "degree" of this visit also goes overboard. >>


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