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About 150-200 religious properties will be given to religious organizations in Russia till the end of 2010

2010-09-19   Версия для печати

In 2010 about 150-200 religious properties, which earlier belonged to the state, will be passed to different religious organizations, the vice-minister of economic development Igor Manylov informs. In 2009 about 70 religious properties had already been passed to the religious organizations, in 2010 this number will make up from 150 to 200.

Thus, many historically important religious properties, that are now museums and have valuable exhibits or have aesthetic value as a building will be used by the churchmen to stupefy people and to obtain profit. The clergymen are shouting a lot that the important religious buildings were neglected in the Soviet Union and that they must be attentively preserved for the future, but when it comes to the deeds, they never hesitate to give services in these buildings in order to get much profit. A good example is Sofia church in Kiev, whose aesthetic value is being step-by-step destroyed by regular services that are fatal for its unique frescoes.

Sofia church is not sole, there are enough examples to understand, that the churchmen are far not the best keepers of important religious buildings. Only dull and criminalized capitalistic state is able to pass historically valuable objects to the churches.