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Declaration For freedom of the Five Cuban fighters against international terrorism

2010-09-11  Ukrainian National "Free the Five" Committee Версия для печати


To the President of the United States of America

Barack Hussein Obama


Dear Mr. President,

Many people had bright expectancies on your accession to the presidency of the most powerful empire in the history of mankind. These expectancies were founded on your abundant pre-election good wishes. But the half of your presidency is running to the end, and you still did not manage to achieve any visible success in the accomplishment of your promises.

We understand that there are spheres where a good will of the president is not enough to improve the situation. To such spheres belongs, for example, economy, where wild laws of the market are ruling and the crisis easily nullifies every step aimed at the bettering of the situation. Yes, it is beyond the scope of the president to replace the destroying uncontrolled force of market with the rational management of the economy. For the same reason you can not stop the war in Iraq even with your best will and most likely the American troops will not succeed in tearing away from Afghanistan in a plausible manner. Since many years American economy can not exist without war any more.

But there is a number of your pre-election promises which you can fulfil easily enough. We are speaking about your promises to improve the relationship with Cuba. To do that, you just have to understand that the interests of America are more important than the interests of separate mafia groups, no matter how powerful they are. But we can see that the President of the United States is not only helpless in the struggle with the economic crisis, he does not dare to neglect the interests of a handful of former oligarchs, peculators, military criminals, owners of casinos and brothels, who once had run away from the Cuban revolution. For the sake of their perverse hopes to renew the pre-revolutionary state, the President of the USA must refuse from his pre-election promises to improve the relationship with Cuba.

Instead of the promised improvement we see the cynical declaration that the prolongation of the economic blockade against Cuba is for the benefit of the United States. Is that really for the benefit of the United States to suffer annually that shame when practically all the members of the UN vote against this shameful policy?

Or maybe it is for the benefit of the United States to keep in jails Cuban patriots, whose only fault was that they disclosed the activities of the international terrorist organisations, who has been organizing subversive acts against their motherland?

It is obvious that such policy has no future. The blockade could not break Cuba even when it was in almost full international isolation. Today, when even the nearest allies of the USA, some states of the EU, Canada and other countries, who yesterday were afraid to make a step against the will of the American embassy, lead an active cooperation with Cuba, the blockade turned into the full anachronism.

It is obvious that American jails are unable to break the courage of the Cuban Five. Today Cuba releases the so called dissidents, who had led the subversive work against their motherland for money of American secret services. That is a shame under such conditions to keep imprisoned the people, whose only guilt was that they gathered information about the plans of the gang of international terrorists.

We are sure that it would be a very good step of you if you achieve the abolition of the economic blockade against Cuba, the withdrawal of American troops from Guantanamo using your constitutional right, if you free Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labanino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez and Rene Gonzalez, real patriots of their country and true fighters against terrorism.


Kiev, Ukraine, September 10, 2010

Ukrainian National "Free the Five" Committee