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Fighter with terrorism in a punishment cell

2010-09-02  D.M. Dudko, candidate of historical sciences, communist from Kharkov, Ukraine Версия для печати

Far behind the ocean there is the Legal State - the same which in the Community of independent states (former USSR countries) have not being build for 19 years in any way. In such a way we are assured already for two decades by domestic «democrats». More correct to say, servants of «democracy» of the USA. We will look, however, how human rights are observed in this «blessed» country. Concretely - citizen of Cuba Gerardo Hernandez Nordelo. This fearless scout, one of the «Cuban five», suffers in the American torture-chambers for already 12 years. He killed nobody and did not blow up. Unlike Cuban «gusanos» («worms»), sitting in Miami and continuously organizing assassinations against Island of Freedom. But Hernandez and four his comrades watched after these gangsters and blew off their plans. For what they were sentenced to the fantastic prison terms. Hernandez, for example - to two life imprisonments and 15 years. During these years he was not even allowed to meet with his wife.

Hernandez appealed recently. Prison authority ordered immediately to confine him in a punishment cell. The court is in Miami, but the prisoner - in Viktorville, on other end of the USA. Now he simply will not be able to be present on hearings of appeal court. The word punishment «cell» usually presents a close, raw and cold apartment in our imagination. In a Victorville punishment cell there is indeed closely. In a small room measured little more than 2 on 1 meter contrive to squeeze some persons are contrived to be squeezed. «But» warmly. Even too. Temperature - higher 35 degrees. Ventilation is not present. Gerardo had to lie on the floor, to breathe crisp air from a crack under a door. He, heavily patient, could not even accept a medicine - it was dangerously at such heat. There is a shower-bath at a cell| (here comfort!). But water there - only hot. So that it is better not to take a shower. And such torture proceeded one and a half months, since June, 14 to Augusts, 3 of this year. Only due to impact of protests of public Gerardo was returned in an ordinary cell.

To place our corrupt or unwise praise of American «democracy» in such conditions! Interestingly, at which day of detention would they change the opinion on it? But the fighter with terrorism Gerardo Hernandez did not change the persuasions. He did not begin to cry a barley, renounce, betray or slander. Because for such, as he and his comrades, there is for what to die and carry the physical and moral sufferings. «Motherland or death!», «Socialism or death!» for them there are not empty words. In fact after the back of five heroes there is not a beggar «democratic» semi colony, but wonderful Island of Freedom.

Translated by Yaroslav Karachevtsev

Newspaper "Stolitsa budushego"