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There are ideas to back the soviet childlessness tax in Ukraine

2010-09-02   Версия для печати


Due to the US-organization "Population Reference Bureau",  the population of Ukraine will grow shorter by 10 million within next 40 years. Within last 18 years the population of Ukraine reduced by 7 million. Thus, the rate of population fall makes up 0.8-1.1% p.a.

That is why Ternopol city council offers to back the soviet childlessness tax. The deputies accepted appropriate appeal to the President, government and to the speaker of the parliament, in which they demand that all men who has reached the age of 25 years and do not bring up children have to pay off 6% of their wage. It concerns both single men and married couples.

So, the council of such a patriotic city as Ternopol (Western Ukraine) didn't find anything better than to adopt the law of the "totalitarian" Soviet Union. But, what was effective at that times, can be ineffective today. It is pretty possible that today's young people, brought up in the atmosphere of consumption and individualism, will consider 6% of his wage not a big payment for his freedom. All in all, in essence children are result of love, not of any economical interest.