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40% of Russians have no plans for the future

2010-08-30   Версия для печати

According to latest researches, nearly 40% of Russians don’t make no plans for the future and don’t try to make prognosis of how their life will be.
“Nowadays 40% of our compatriots in Russia don’t plan their life in any way” – said Valery Fedorov, a head of Russian center of public opinion studying. He also suggested that these results have several reasons. First of all, according to Fedorov, it can be “rapid controversial time”. Also, the unwillingness of Russians to make plans can be explained as an idiosyncrasy of Russian people. Fedorov marked, that amount of Russians, who don’t want to plan the future is constant for many years.
As an example a head of Russian center of public opinion studying used results of the poll, held in 1989. According to it, there were 42% Russians who didn’t have any idea of their own future in 1989.
But to search reasons for these results in Russians idiosyncrasy will be only the easiest way. Those who follow it, forget about that fact, that existence determines consciousness and people’s character is determined by environment and by that way, in which they take part in universal activity Russian center of public opinion studying was formed in 1987, and only 1989 year results are available – it was more that controversial time. Russians had more to reach, had other aims and opportunities  a little earlier, so their character was to be probably different…