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The rests of former cinematographic fame of Ukraine are being demolished

2010-07-21   Версия для печати

In Ukraine it is used to complain that there is no Ukrainian cinema but a lot of Russian low-grade films that hinder the development of high-quality Ukrainian cinema how it has been in the Soviet Union. But was really hinders its development is clearly shown by the lot of the Alexander Dovzhenko cinema in Kiev. Alexander Dovzhenko was a Soviet screenwriter, producer and director of films, he was one of the founders of Ukrainian and Soviet cinema and also a classic on world level. His work "Ukraine Trilogy" (Arsenal, Earth, and Ivan) is worldly famous.

The other day they started turning down the building of the cinema in order to free the territory for a 15-storey trade and entertaining complex (the relevant decision was taken by the city council in April, 2008). Yesterday till midday only two walls of the cinema were remaining. On one of them the poster was hanging recently with the promissory inscription "Reconstruction".

The cinema has not been working many years before. It was the first public cinema which was sold for almost 4 million grivnas (about half a million dollar) to the private person in 2002.

Even now when almost everything left from the Soviet Union has been sold to the private persons and one can clearly see the sad results of that, fairy tales of "effective owner" are still widely spread and still find their believers. The "effective owners" meanwhile use their purchases in the most "effective" way for themselves without any remorse that they totally misuse them. Thus, worldly famous film studio that is situated not far from the demolished cinema will surely soon have the same destiny like the cinema. Big territories in the centre of the capital are very profitable as trade and entertaining malls, and there is no profit in the development of Ukrainian culture.

 Thus, Ukrainian film studios still can bring great profit. But only not thanks their production.