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There is a fight against corruption in Ukraine, isn't it?

2010-07-17   Версия для печати

Yesterday the chief of a section of the Envirounmental Security Department of the Envirounment Protection Ministry was arrested. The official required and accepted a breib at the rate $5000 from the businessman for the allowing documents.

Police have arrested him while he was receiving money near the enterance to the Ministry.

We should remind you that on May, 31 office of the investigation of the cases of outstanding importance of General Procuracy in common with Ukrainian Security Service have arrested the deputy Minister of the Envirounment Protection Bohdan Presner who received a breib of serious amount ($200000). He required and accepted it for the assistance in the assingment as a region level chief.

After this incident he was discharged and the Pechersk district court of Kiev has chosen as a preventive punishment placing him under arrest for August 4.

These events show us that sometimes the fight against corruption is real. But another side is that corruption keep flourishing.