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The prior of Kiev Pechersk Lavra called the clinic for AIDS patients "a brothel"

2010-07-12   Версия для печати

Since 2005 the priests of the Kiev Pechersk Lavra has appealed to the authorities to take the AIDS clinic away from the territory of Lavra. Now the hierarch of Lavra Pavel, who is in secular life the deputy of the Kiev council from the Party of Regions (headed by Yanukovich), once more said he can't stand the presence of this "brothel" on the territory of Lavra. "It is repugnant that a men who had his spree and got all the diseases one can get, is living near me, who prays and asks God absolution... I can be infected here, just on the territory of Lavra!"

The priests of Lavra want to take away the AIDS-clinic and instead organize the clinic for the clergymen.

Now, due to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, the AIDS-clinic has to leave the building in Lavra till July, 16. The place, where the clinic can be carried, is not specified.

The matter is that exactly this clinic, which was opened in Lavra 16 years ago at the expense of international organizations, is the best one on the territory of the whole CIS, with the most modern equipment.