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The "democratic selection" of medicaments

2010-07-05   Версия для печати

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine accepted the decision to revive the prescription principle of sale of medications this year. This information was presented by the Minister of health of Ukraine  Zinovi Mytnyk.

Nowadays many people trust the advertisement and buy not useful for their health and even harmful madicaments. Zinovi Mytnyk said that doctors must indicate the international unpatented name of medicaments in prescriptions and not propose medicines of сertain pharmacological company. Patients should have a possibility to select medicaments independently according to their income.

For me, like for many others, this possibility is absolutely useless. People don't know anything about medicaments, so how can they select better medicine? The biggest part of Ukrainians have no medical education and prefer more inexpensive goods. So, the "democratic selection" of medicaments has no sense.