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Stalin monuments are being demolished in Georgia

2010-06-30   Версия для печати

Stalin monuments are being demolished in Georgia. Stalin was one of the best sons of his fatherland, and first of all, he was a son of Soviet people. According to the will of Georgian government a monument in Tkibuli was demolished, after the first one in Gori. Nevertheless, that Georgians love Stalin and are really proud of him, their opinion doesn't seem to disturb anyone. The main cause of it seems to be, that monuments, dedicated to great people and great scoundrels, became an instrument of dirty politicians to promote themselves. But today only battalions of police can protect these politicians from their nation's "love".

And even though you understand, that acts of historical persons weigh much more, but nevertheless architecture and monuments can tell about past and present epochs, and can awake the feeling of affinity with that people, who fought for better life. And it's very bitter to understand, that even the monument in his native town was demolished, but we can say with no hesitation, that until this demolition will proceed, the memory about great people and heroic nation will never perish.