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80% of Russians understand, that they can’t influence anything.

2010-06-29   Версия для печати

According to the result of the poll, made by “Levada-center” in June on the whole territory of Russia, there are no changes in the amount of Russians (62%), who don’t want to take part in the political life of the country and don’t want to understand processes in their native regions.
The majority of Russians doesn’t want to participate in the political life of the country. According to the result of research, the main cause should be the fact, that they don’t believe that they can influence any processes.
And only a quarter of citizens (26%) claim their political activity. It’s also said, that 10% of respondents believe that they can influence political processes in Russia. But the point of view of majority (84%) is another: they think, that it is impossible.
What does the result mean? It’s plausible, that it means completely nothing. The understanding of almost 910 of popularity, that they can’t make any changes doesn’t make them crave for these changes. And on the contrary, 62% of people are completely satisfied with this way of existence.