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87% of Ukrainian citizens crave for reforms

2010-06-22   Версия для печати

According to the survey of the sociological group "Rating", that was conducted on account of 100 days of the new governments' work, 87% of the citizens crave for reforms of the social-economical system of the country. The survey covers all regions of Ukraine. Only 4% of the interviewers said that they don't wish reforms, 9% haven't decided on this question yet.

Due to the survey, public health (77%), agriculture (66%), housing and communal services (62%), pensionary system (58%), industry (54%), education (48%), judicial (44%), tax (42%) and law-enforcement (41%) systems must be reformed first of all.

The survey also shows that only one third of the respondents have idea about the positions of the reform program of Yanukovich, which he published in the beginning of June. Nevertheless, that's not strange that people don't associate the programs of the authorities with the real changes in their life. Words and promises can't convince anyone any more.

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