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Cuba – children’s paradise in Latin America.

2010-06-20   Версия для печати

 Last time Cuba achieved high results in protecting motherhood and childhood, and its success in this sphere makes Cuba a country with high quality life for children.

Millions of children on the Earth have no possibility to study, don’t have access to vaccine against diseases that can be prevented. They become victims of labor and sexual exploitation in worldwide prostitute nets. But no one of them is Cuban, according to the representative of UNICEF on Caribbean island Chose Chuan Ortis. He marked, that this problems are not yet solved for many countries of the world.

The representative of UNICEF says, that indexes of Cuba show, that Convention on the Rights of Children really works on the island. This can be an example for countries of Latin America. “Of course, every sphere can be improved, and that’s the way of UNICEF’s work in coordination with authorities of Cuba, but Cuba is the best country in the region in this aspect, so it can really be called “a children’s paradise in Latin America”. In his report in Havana Ortis pointed, that nevertheless the country has a low level of economical development, Cuba is the standard in following Convention on the Rights of Children.

 “Cuba isn’t a reach country, but it can provide a protection for children thanks to political will of island authorities. I don’t talk about financial possibilities, - said UNICEF’s representative, - if there is a will, obligation turns into priority”. He reminded, that nearly one million underage people are held in detention, nevertheless almost a half of them haven’t faced the judge.

In the new Family Code protection and respect of children’s rights continues to be one of the main aims of Cuban government, that’s why authorities work on amendments. Amendments are to make the code correspondent to Convention on the Rights of Children and international positions against women discrimination. In the new project of the code, made by the community of civil and family law, National Union of Cuban Lawyers and Federation of Cuban Women the rights of children, who are under parent’s protection, are made plain. Also we should pay reader’s attention to the protection against physical, psychical and sexual violence, against disrespect and exploitation.

Documents support children’s participation in family’s life, the right to defend their point of view, helps them to be heard and receive convincing arguments in different situations. One of the points in the new Code is an obligation for parents not to use psychical or physical violence and raise children without humiliation. The project also can provide criminal responsibility for parents, who don’t perform their duties and exceed their authority. According to general prosecutor, protection of children’s rights begins at the moment of impregnation.

National medical system guarantees qualified help during pregnancy, at birth and after it for all mothers and provides free vaccination against more then 10 diseases. Moreover, Cuba has the highest percent of teachers per person, that helps children to develop harmonically since the earliest age.