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I’ll wear a blue bucket on my head…

2010-06-19   Версия для печати

 Once more a protest was held in Moscow. This time it was organized by informal civil union “Blue buckets”. “Correspondent” says about it: “From 30 to 40 persons took part in this protest, having blue buckets fixed on the roofs of their cars, which symbolize special signals of functionary’s cars. Participants started their way from Zubrovskiy ave, and took a ride along the Sadovoe ring. Motor licensing and inspection department  didn’t make any barriers on their way.” This performance is to symbolize protest against functionaries, which have special audio and visual signals and don’t obey rules, interfering the traffic.

It’s not the first attempt of “Blue buckets” to change the life for better. The newbie of this union, a member of art-group “Voina” (“War”) Leonid Nikolaev, who is also famous by his unprintable pseudonym, ran against the automobile with blue flasher with a blue bucket on his head and made some kind of resonance in the society. These protests weren’t just a waste of time – now in the Federal Council a project of the law exists, which is to regulate, which functionaries can use special signals.

There’s only one thing left – to figure out what we should put on someone’s head to stop a rat race for money. Then we can leave in peace in tranquility, proudly thinking of our clear civil position everyday.