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Russia for Russians, and what about Moscow?

2010-06-18   Версия для печати

Moscow deputies started to create a set of rules for the arrivals of the Russian capital. “Nowadays, unwritten rules exist, which inhabitants should obey. For example, they are not to slaughter sheep on Islamic holidays, not to wear traditional national clothes, to talk in Russian. Moscow lifestyle bases on Russian culture and traditions, and every man who comes here for living must pay attention to this”- the head of inter-regional relationships and national politics committee of Moscow Mikhail Solomentsev sad.

According to “Gazeta po-kievski” (“Kievan newspaper”) Solomentsev advises diasporas in Moscow themselves to create such a “Code of a Moscow resident” for “new-comers”. Considering their recommendations, Moscow authorities will create general recommendations, how to behave for new inhabitants of the capital, and it will be published by the end of the year. “When a person arrives, his fellow countryman gives him a book: look and read, what is used to in here, and what’s not”, - says he.

We should note, that sociological study, held by one of the leaders in studying social opinions, “Pew Research Center”, took place in 2009, and it revealed the fact, that 54% of Russians agreed with the statement “Russia – for Russians”.

Nevertheless, it’s often said that Putin’s “One country, one people, one president” is very similar to Germany’s 30s motto, which quickly became out-of-date in 1945: “Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer”.