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Exhibition of national disgrace

2010-06-17   Версия для печати

An exhibition, called "Our people in Italy", dedicated to the life of Ukrainian migrants in Italy opens on 24 of June in Lviv. It will contain photos, poems, examples of needlework etc. It's initiated by Italian community of former migrants "Pieta". It will take place in the informational center of Ukraine-Italy migration.

According to portal.lviv.ua, Ukraine occupies the fourth place in the world by the number of international migrants. Recently Italy and Spain joined the list of countries (Russia, Germany, Poland), where Ukrainians traditionally migrate. Western regions of Ukraine are leaders in migration to Italy. 41,3 of all Ukrainian migrants in Italy formerly lived in Lviv region, 11,6% - in Ternopil & Ivano-Frankivsk reg, 10,8% - in Chernovtsy region. Average duration of residence in Italy estimates 5-6 years. There are many teachers and doctors among the migrants. Ukrainians do very low-paid non-qualified work in Italy - 63% take care of old and ill people, 18,7% - are maids, 6,4% look after children, 2,6% are employed in industry, 2,1% - in agricultural sector.

Here's the real capitalistic freedom. You can take away piss-pots, if you want to, you can polish floors or collect tomatoes. And even don't try to say, that you had no choice! It's very hard to imagine, how this touching exhibition of photography and needlework can replace mother or beloved woman. And there's an element of pride and patriotism in these exhibitions (just imagine, Ukrainian embroiders rooshnik in Italy!). But really these exhibitions show the ugliest dishonor, show the real legal slavery, when poor people are slaves of the reach ones.