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Cuba managed to reduce the infant mortality rate to 4,5 per 1 000 live births

2011-01-04   Версия для печати

23 municipalities reached the zero rate of infant deaths. The province with the least rate is Villa Clara (2,5), the province with the highest rate is Sankti Spiritus (4,9). The specialists say, that the factors which helped to reduce the rate were vaccination against 13 illnesses, which includes almost 100% of children and the growing education level.

Due to the list of the United Nations Population Division, Cuba has recently occupied the 28th place among the countries with the lowest infant mortality, leaving behind the USA and many European countries.

During the 52 years of Cuban revolution racism, social inequality and illiteracy were practically eradicated in Cuba, instead the population has a free access to medical treatment, sports and education of all levels. Of course, it changed a lot the lifestyle of the Cubans, making them more conscious of their health, more active and healthy. That is why Cuba managed to reach the rate of infant mortality comparable not with the other countries of Latin America, but with the developed and rich countries of the world even without the broad access to the modern expensive medical equipment.