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2010-11-27   Версия для печати

Today the anniversary of "Holodomor" is being celebrated in Ukraine. This year the authorities decided not to make a big show of it like the previous president Yushchenko did. There were no obligatory classes at schools, no new monuments were opened. Nevertheless, most mass-media, being "oppositional" actively covered the issue even without a special order of the president. What about the ordinary people, they were sick of it last year, so there was almost no interest to it.

The biggest newspapers gave extensive articles to the topic, but there was nothing new in them. Mostly they informed about the mass local authorities' ignoring of the anniversary. But there was one interesting fact - the church service near the memorial of the "Holodomor sacrifices" led by the Kiev patriarch Filaret, gathered sworn political enemies - Yushenko and Timoshenko. Besides, the first president of Ukraine Kravchuk came as well as some more representatives of the "opposition". Holodomor speculations seem to be the unique thing which unites the "oppositional" Ukrainian politicians. It is the only one relatively reliable theme in the whole "national ideology".

But the today's authorities headed by Yanukovich actually also made their PR on the Holodomor. They had their own ceremony near the same memorial, just a few hours before the "opposition", which was led by the Moscow department patriarch Vladimir. Yanukovich is speaking not of the Holodomor of Ukrainian people only, but about the Holodomor of many people living in the USSR as the crime of the totalitarianism.

Nobody is going to study the real reasons of the famine of 1932-1933. Yanukovich just like Yushchenko does not need the truth, for them both history is only the tool of the ideology.