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The retirement age will be raised in Ukraine

2010-09-07   Версия для печати

If nothing changes in the national economy of Ukraine, in 15 year the ratio between labouring people and retirees would make up 1:2. So Elena Bondarenko, a deputy of the Party of Regions, says that the government must raise the retirement age. Otherwise the state will not be financially able to hold out a bigger quantity of retirees. "The economic progress of the whole country will depend on the solution of this problem", - she said.

It seems that the state authorities are not able to improve the bad social conditions in the country - the economic growth and rise of fertility should be  necessary for this, Elena Bondarenko says. Besides, the capitalists must abandon one's plans for the over-enrichment. It is but fully impossible for the capitalist system. So the government considers that the rise of the retirement age is the only acceptable way to "rejuvenate nation". But most Ukrainians will never live till the proposed retirement age.